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Members Only: What's The Best Club Sandwich Bread?

gourmands1000.jpgThis is club sandwich power hour: members only.

May we see some identification, please?

Alright, you don't need a photo ID but you do need more than a passing appreciation for that most classic of American stacks, the beloved club sandwich, to achieve VIP status. For one hour, Eater Austin is directing your attention to the (supposedly) more than 100-year-old sandwich built with toasted bread, chicken or turkey (depends on whether you're James Beard), bacon, cheese and mayo.

Let's start with the most basic building block of the club: the bread. Specifically: if you're building your dream club what kind do you use?

Poll results

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Gourmands, home to the Second Deadly Sin club sandwich. [Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX]

Gourmands Neighborhood Pub

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