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Greasy Spoons Giveaway: Name That Plate Day Three

This week on Eater Austin, we're talking greasy spoons: celebrating diners, sure, but also celebrating great hole-in-the-wall Tex-Mex spots, Asian dining destinations and other purveyors of cheap, hearty meals. Later today, Eater will check out a notable greasy spoon scene in South Austin, but this morning we're challenging your food porn identification prowess in our daily greasy spoons giveaway contest.

Yesterday's contest winner correctly identified this overflowing Tex-Mex skillet as the Dart Bowl's epic enchiladas.

Ready to play today? Here's what happens: after the jump, you'll find a photo of a signature plate at an Austin greasy spoon, and it's up to you to identify the plate and its restaurant of origin. Be the first one to e-mail us your answer down the tipline, and we'll send you a limited edition Eater Texas t-shirt.


Think you know where to find this breakfast? E-mail us!

UPDATE! Eater reader Nick Carona correctly identified this breakfast as the decorated eggs at the Frisco, pinto beans and Night Hawk chili and all.

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[Photo: Star Seeds/Facebook]

Dart Bowl

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