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CU29's Franklin Brisket Bourbon; Slow Food Trivia

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DOWNTOWN — The only bad thing about Franklin Barbecue brisket is that it isn't booze, so you can't drink it. Right? Not any more: the CU29 cocktail bar downtown is serving a brisket-infused bourbon, "2lbs of moist brisket from Franklin BBQ (!), soaked for OVER A MONTH in six liters of delicious brown." [Thrillist]

ROSEDALE — Enjoy this "evil looking" Real Ale Devil's Backbone glass, and said beer itself, tonight at the Draught House. [@DraughtHouse]

NORTHWESTSlow Food Austin's "Grub Trivia" event is Sunday, July 21, at the Shoal Crossing Event Center in northwest Austin. The Carillon's Josh Watkins will emcee the trivia, and local "slow" restaurants—including TRACE, Eden East and Easy Tiger—will provide tasty bites. [Eaterwire]

[Photo: CU29/Facebook]


720 Brazos St Austin, Texas 78701