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How Do Paul Qui And Deana Saukam Rule Their Empire?

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Here's hoping y'all are mentally prepped for two weeks of all things Paul Qui, because the spotlight is on Austin's Top Chef winner thanks to yesterday's announcement that his flagship east side restaurant, Qui, will open on June 20th. But while that aforementioned spotlight shines brightly on the chef, the lady Qui calls "boss," his fiancé Deana Saukam, also deserves some love. Which she gets in this filmed interview from the Austin Food & Wine Festival, released by Food Republic today.

"When I was in eighth grade, I thought I'd marry Gavin Rossdale," jokes Saukam, when asked whether she thought she'd ever marry a chef. And then they move on to more serious issues: like how Saukam reconciles her roles as fiancé and manager. (Hint: "I mean, I'm kind of bossy, anyway.")

Meet The 'Boss' Behind Paul Qui's Restaurant Empire

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