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Fed Man Walks Into Panaderia Chuy; Los Pinos Bee Cave

EAST SIDE — Tonight's drink local happy hour at Contigo, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., features brewers from Real Ale. Cheers, y'all. [Eaterwire]

WESTHere's a look at the new location of Los Pinos, a "much-beloved Hudson Bend fave" in Bee Cave, where "the garlicky salsa is the kind that makes your eyes water and nose run, but you can't stop eating it, it's that addictive." [Way Out West Austin]

NORTH — On Panaderia Chuy: "a sprawling stadium of Mexican temptations." "A ragged megaphone of flavor." "An angry pile of drying pork." Y'all know this has to be a Mike Sutter joint. [Fed Man Walking]

[Photo: Contigo/Facebook]


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