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What Is It With Whataburger Bringing Couples Together?

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Something old, something new, something borrowed ... something fast food? Austinites Lauren and Andrew Logan love Whataburger so much that they had themselves rendered in sugar beneath a recreation of one of the Texas-based burger chain's old-school locations. Via NBCDFW:

While having a bad experience at a fine dining restaurant on Valentine's Day the couple decided to finish their evening with another trip to Whataburger. Ever since then, the Logans have made it a tradition to eat at Whataburger each Valentine's Day.
Expect the Logans to look something like Karl and Carol Hoepfner in fifty or so years: that couple also bonded over a love of Whataburger and have set out on a quest to visit all 722 locations.

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The Logans, sweetly rendered. [Photo: Two Pair Photography/NBC DFW]

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