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Help Bud Royer Send Tasty Pies To Tornado Victims

Bud "The Pie Man" Royer is not just a man with a big brain full of delicious pie recipes; he's a man with a big heart, and he's hoping to send 500 pies to Moore, Oklahoma, so that families there can have a slice or two during the July 4th holiday. Via Pat Sharpe over at Texas Monthly:

His plan is take 500 pies (enough for 4,000 people) and as many gift cards as the public will fund to Moore on July 1. Various family members will go along to help with the distribution. Two anonymous donors have already underwritten just under $10,000 of the cost. He hopes to raise enough additional money to purchase a total of five hundred $25 cash cards, which will be given out at the same time the slices of pie are distributed.
Click here to donate pies to our northern neighbors in need.

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Bud Royer. [Photo: Raphael Brion/EN]

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