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Diners Quieued Up At Qui; 'Radical' Group Training

EAST QUIXTH — Think Aaron Franklin is jealous of the line for dinner tonight at Qui? [@QUIAustin]

QUI STREET — What's the deal with the "catfish like unagi" dish at Qui? The chef hisownself tells Austinist that because he can't get high-quality Japanese eel here in Austin, he went with catfish instead: "There's no way to get it. So what I did was take that same concept and idea of eel and I'm using catfish. So I'm cooking Texas catfish like I would eel from Japan." [Austinist]

AQUIBon Appétit interviews Qui front-of-house quing Bill Mann on the restaurant's "radical" decision to train everyone, from line cooks to hosts, together. And yes, the cooks will deliver plates, giving patrons "the thrill of having the person who just cooked your food actually bring it out to you and talk about it." [Bon Appétit]

[Photo: @QUIAustin]


1600 E 6th St Austin, TX 78702