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Paul Qui: 'I Was The Worst Drug Dealer'

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Today in reading 5,683-word Q&A's with Paul Qui so you don't have to: Qui tells Texas Monthly that he used to be really crappy at dealing drugs because he was too nice. Good thing Qui discovered he could cook:

No, I was like a horrible drug dealer. I was the worst drug dealer. Like, if I had acid, or ecstasy, or whatever, I'd just give it away. Or I'd take it with my friends. I was the worst type of drug dealer. The problem was that for me, it was more about hospitality, I guess. It was more about having fun than it making money.
Saucy, attention-grabbing drug quotes out of the way, the interview itself really is mighty meaty, for those looking to take a languorous lunch hour. In the mix: Qui's thoughts on "Texas" food ("there's definitely a big Asian influence to it"), his constant search for the best carrots right now, and the answer to the burning question, "Do you ever just Google 'asparagus'?"

Qui's eponymous flagship restaurant officially opens tomorrow.

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Qui [Photo: Adrienne Breaux/EATX]


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