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Help A Driskill Barman, Win Pit Time With John Mueller

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There may be a couple folks on this planet who couldn't be paid a million bucks to spend a whole day with mouthy barbecue man John Mueller.

For everyone else, here's an opportunity to donate to a great cause and perhaps win a chance to find out how Austin's most controversial cook turns out his signature smoked meats.

Here's how: this Sunday, Scholz Garten will host a benefit concert and silent auction for beloved Driskill barman Sean O'Byrne, raising money to help him pay for some much-needed leg surgeries to get him back on his feet. The shindig starts at 2 p.m., and auction prizes include two "internships" at Mueller's John Mueller Meat Co. trailer out in East Austin. Writes Mueller, via Facebook: "This is a pretty important event and this may be the only time ill do internships ... Jump on it."

For anyone looking to get involved in industry health care issues on a larger scale, consider volunteering with Austin Food For Life, a non-profit organization much like the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, which launched earlier this year with the goal of helping "food and beverage industry professionals, including farmers, and food artisans, access affordable healthcare solutions."

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O'Byrne at the Driskill. [Photo: Sean O'Byrne/Tumblr]

Scholz Garten

1607 San Jacinto Blvd Austin, TX 78701