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Changes Soon At Stack Space; Meet A Thai Food 'Pioneer'

DOWNTOWN — Chef Paul Hargrove's making his move from the East Side Show Room to an as-yet un-detailed project in the former Stack Burger Bar space at the Cedar Street Courtyard. He tweets this photo, writing "Start saying goodbye to all the stack stuff, redesign starts next week." [@PaulHargrove1]

VENUES — Music venues may soon be eligible for a permanent micro-loan program that would help pay for soundproofing inside venues to improve the quality of sound and reduce the impact on neighbors. The program's already been used at Cedar Street Courtyard and Blackheart Bar. [ABJ]

ALLANDALEHere's a profile of local Thai food "pioneer" Dr. Rommanee "Foo" Swasdee, who opened Satay in 1987 as one of the first restaurateurs to bring the flavors of Southeast Asia to local palates. [Statesman]

[Photo: @PaulHargrove1]

Cedar Street Courtyard

208 W. 4th Street, Austin, TX