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Labor Poster Scammers Target Clarksville Restaurant

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Cipollina assistant general manager Justin Rouhier initially thought the guy calling this week about the Clarksville bistro's labor posters—like these—was just making sure his restaurant's were up to date.

But when the caller demanded a $207 payment for posters Rouhier knew to be available free online, he was sure something was up.

"$207 to laminate two pieces of paper is insane," says Rouhier. "They were like, 'Just pay over the phone with a credit card.'" When he asked for a call back number so he could check with his supervisors about the payment, Rouhier said the "shady" sounding woman he was transferred to "sounded like she was just making it up."

Rouhier called the Texas Workforce Commission to report the call, but they weren't much help, so he asked Eater Austin if we'd help spread the word about the scam. "I don't appreciate a private company posing as the state," he says. "It makes me sick."

It's a not uncommon scam that's been reported elsewhere, so if you're a bar or restaurant owner who's been contacted by these folks—they call from a local 512 numberlet us know.

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