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Obama Ate At Stubb's, People Have Feelings About It

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On President Obama's lunch menu? A probable plate of sorta passable barbecue.

CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller tweets that Obama stopped for lunch at Stubb's BBQ downtown and AP reporter Darlene Superville snapped the extremely blurry photo shown here. According a pool report, he lunched at the downtown barbecue joint and live music venue with a nurse, a construction contractor, a small business owner and a teacher.

According to Twitter, POTUS' visit to Stubb's is, variously, a poorly informed idea, a great idea, a terrible idea, THE BEST idea, political suicide, an excuse to make stupid racist jokes and a potential Republican plot.

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Barack Obama at Stubb's. [Photo: @DSupervilleAP]

Stubb's BBQ

801 Red River St Austin, TX 78701