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Carlos Rivero Might Bring Back Red House Pizzeria

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Now that El Chile is making a move from Manor Road to South First Street—much to the disappointment of more than one Eater reader—what will restaurateur Carlos Rivero do with the space? Well, he might bring back Red House Pizzeria, which shuttered in early 2012 but which Rivero officially classified as being on "hiatus" rather than as a permanent closure. The Red House space has since become Salty Sow.

This morning, Rivero tells Eater Austin that El Chile could be the site of a Red House redux. But that's just one of his ideas:

"We have a long term commitment to Manor Road and this is a hit location which we plan to remodel and prepare for a new concept. We are considering several ideas like bringing back the Red House Pizzeria, some kind of changing supper club but my favorite or I guess I would say the front runner is a Peruvian cafe."
Eater readers, what would you most like to see at 1809 Manor Road?

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El Chile. [Photo: Sarah G./Yelp]

El Chile (for now)

1809 Manor Road, Austin, TX