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Here's Why Franklin Barbecue Is TxMo's Top Pick

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Last week, Texas Monthly surprised exactly no one by naming Franklin Barbecue the best in Texas-slash-the-world. After all, the magazine's barbecue editor (you read that right) Daniel "BBQ Snob" Vaughn has said he'd like to spend eternity preserved in a Franklin brisket fat confit, and Franklin brisket graced the barbecue issue's cover. Now that the issue itself has been released, we read the reasoning behind the rub:

"Franklin has achieved, with his brisket, a level of perfection that is rare for any cook to attain with any food, let alone one so difficult to master. The Franklin brisket—all natural beef smoked for twelve to eighteen hours—comes out profoundly flavorful and moist with a rich, dark, salty-peppery crust and a rib of sublime, flawlessly rendered fat."
It's probably too late to go get in line now. Sorry.

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[Photo: Eric Sandler/EHOU]

Franklin Barbecue

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