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Bread & Circus Beach Party; Home Slice Impresses Kids

SORT OF ADORABLE — A bunch of kids went to visit Home Slice, and one of them was so inspired by pizza man Phil Korshak that he wrote a thank you note: "You are the most exited (sic) person I have ever met about your job." [Eaterwire]

SORT OF ADORABLE PART TWO — Did you know that the owners of Hao Hao and Hao Q are two brothers married to two sisters? Rob Balon has the story. [Dining Out]

DOWNTOWN — The Bread & Circus Supper Club will host a "beach party" and clam back at the Palm Door on May 15th, complete with beachy tunes. On the menu? A "Seafood Party" comprised of "King Crab, Oyster, Prawn, Seaweed, Bubbles." Tickets are $75 with pairings. [Eaterwire]

[Photo: Linda Xyooj /HomeSlice/Facebook]

Home Slice Pizza

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