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Franklin Barbecue's Best In The World, So Sayeth TxMo

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Photo: @TMBBQ

As predicted, Austin's Franklin Barbecue is Texas Monthly's pick for best barbecue joint in the whole world—which, you know, means "in Texas," which is the whole world, basically. Austin proper had more restaurants on the magazine's top-50 list than any other city.

TxMo updates its list every five years, and four-year-old Franklin's appearance at the tip-top is, of course, its first. But two other Central Texas joints help round out the top four: Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor and Snow's in Lexington join North Texas outsider Pecan Lodge in Dallas. Daniel "BBQ Snob" Vaughn, the magazine's official barbecue editor, and his team scored Franklin a five out of five in their ranking system, while the other top three joints scored "essentially a three-way tie for second" with 4.75.

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Franklin Barbecue

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