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Craft Beer Week Roundup; Tasty Barley Swine Desserts

BEERWIRE — We're nigh on halfway through American Craft Beer Week, and You Stay Hoppy Austin has a comprehensive roundup of local events. Tonight: special tappings at Hi Hat Public House, Craft Pride, Brew Exchange and many more. [You Stay Hoppy Austin]

SOUTH LAMARHere are "three desserts to try now" at Barley Swine, which is to say, here are the three desserts currently on the menu at Barley Swine, and they are delicious. [Serious Eats]

SOUTH FIRST — Jessica Maher of Lenoir shares her favorite gift recommendations for wedding season with Bon Appétit. Her go-to gift? A "a collection of tools that she finds most useful," specifically "a vegetable peeler, a Microplane, a citrus reamer, and a spatula." [Bon Appétit]

[Photo: Spencer Selvidge/EATX]

Barley Swine [Closed]

2024 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78704 Visit Website

Hi Hat Public House

2121 E 6th St Austin, TX 78702