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Who Is The Ramen Ninja?; Noble Sandwiches Go To NYC

EAST SIDE — Chef Sonya Coté announced plans for her new Eden East at Springdale Farm back in March, and the Austin Food Lover's Companion has a shot of the leafy mural logo. [AFLC/Facebook]

NOODLES — Who is the Ramen Ninja? His name is Mike Elliott, and he has mysterious, ninja-like plans to introduce yet more ramen to Austin: "Be prepared to nom some noodles and more in June." [Eaterwire]

BROOKLYN — Tell your New York City friends that they've got a limited opportunity to check out the offerings of one of Austin's finest sandwich shops, Noble Sandwich Co.. Chef John Bates will take over Pork Slope next week, serving his signature sandwiches on Tuesday, May 14 and Wednesday, May 15. [Daily Meal]

[Photo: Austin Food Lover's Companion/Facebook]

Eden East at Springdale Farm

755 Springdale Road, Austin, TX