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As It Turns Out, Texas Barbecue Is Incredibly Delicious

Remember that sexy meat video from yesterday? The one filmed at basically every barbecue joint in Central Texas? It turns out, the food was as good as it looks, reports Bon Appétit's Matt Duckor. Of course, y'all already knew that. But Duckor, a New Yorker, didn't:

The most striking thing to an outsider (me) is how large a role barbecue seems to play in the everyday lives of Texans. While I was on an Amazing Race-like quest to eat at every notable barbecue spot within a 50 mile radius of Austin, people were simply eating lunch and enjoying a normal helping of food. As a guy who gets to eat out quite a bit, I'm guilty of fetishizing restaurants instead of just enjoying them. A place like Taylor Café forces you to enjoy the experience, which is not always just about the food.
Duckor was quite taken by Taylor Café, though he had his "fair share of bad barbecue" at Luling BBQ, which was "more of a hangout for local high school students then a barbecue pilgrimage point," and "polished" Lamberts, which was "unfortunately, not very promising."

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[Photo: Taylor Café/Facebook]


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Taylor Café

101 N Main St Taylor, TX 76574

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