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Tyson Cole Is That Guy Who Takes Pictures Of His Food

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Tyson Cole demonstrates the number of "core" Instagram food photo angles.
Tyson Cole demonstrates the number of "core" Instagram food photo angles.

"I take pictures of everybody's food. That's my life."

Uchi/Uchiko executive chef Tyson Cole drops some food photo knowledge in a video promoting this month's Austin Food & Wine Festival—oh, and also kind of shows you how to make a version of his famous Uchiviche, NBD.

Cole says he's "blessed" to be a chef at the height of the "foodie" trend:

"I had no idea that five years, ten years, 15, 20 years later, that this whole trend would start. Suddenly, like, food becomes popular. Food TV would become popular. They would come up with this term called 'foodies' and suddenly this whole thing blew up and now everybody's into food.
And everyone is, of course, into photographing their food. Including Cole; his Twitter account features a healthy offering of (sometimes meta) food porn.

Video: The Art of Presentation with Tyson Cole of Uchi/Uchiko

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