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Winflo Does Brunch; Butterfly Bar Boozes Up

CLARKSVILLE — If you fancy a new brunch destination this weekend, please allow Winflo Osteria to suggest ... Winflo Osteria: "A Frittata. Mimosa. Our Patio...join us for brunch this weekend at Winflo Osteria. Open Sat & Sun from 11am-2pm!" [@WinfloAustin]

WEATHERWIREDon't head to Tapas Bravas' Rainey Street location or their truck at Weather Up, nor should you hope to spend the happiest of hours in Lenoir's backyard this evening. They're all shut for the shitty weather. [Eaterwire]

EAST SIDE — The Butterfly Bar at the Vortex Theater on Manor Road is booze-free no longer; they started pouring liquor as of April 1st. [Eaterwire]

Winflo Osteria. [Photo: Patrick Michels/EATX]

Winflo Osteria

1315 W 6th St Austin, TX 78703