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Last Weekend's Burger Friday Party: Kind Of Hopping

The Seedling Truck served four kinds of sliders, including an eggplant veggie option.
The Seedling Truck served four kinds of sliders, including an eggplant veggie option.

[Photos: Patrick Michels/EATX]

The Seedling Truck sliders came two by two at last week's Burger Friday, enjoyed by the faithful readers (and their adorable dogs) who celebrated the end of Eater Austin's Burger Week 2013 at Hops & Grain. Our thanks to everyone who showed up for some decorous drinking and decadent burgers; we look forward to spotting those Eater Texas t-shirts around town.

— If you happened to overhear crazily knowledgable beer nerds breaking down the nuances of, say, sustainable beer in the Texas climate or the finer points of targeted craft advertising, chances are you were mere feet from the women who write Austin's Bitch Beer blog, or eavesdropping on Chris Troutman of the Austin Beer Guide.

— To bun or not to bun? Props to the Seedling Truck for handling a max-capacity crowd; while we ended up eating some bunless burgers toward the end, we weren't exactly complaining—more room for another Hops & Grain Alteration, anyway. The pork belly slider seemed to be the runaway Seedling favorite.

— Rumor has it that Texas Monthly's restaurant critic Pat Sharpe made a brief, Bigfoot-like appearance; anyone catch her speeding away from the Seedling Truck with a couple of sliders?

— The Hops & Grain crew, infinite in their love of beer and their general benevolence, donated tips made at the event to the animals in need at Austin Pets Alive.

— Finally: Eater readers, we cannot thank you enough for your good cheer and patience during our first-ever Eater Austin event. We know the check-in line was long and it was painful being so close to and yet so far away from the goodness wafting out of the Seedling Truck (trust us, we were right there with you).

Maybe we'll see y'all again next year?

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