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Virginia Wood Digs Cover 3; Slow Food Happy Hour

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NORTH SHOAL CREEK — Virginia B. Wood had a lovely meal at Cover 3, where the "gimmick" is "good food." If it weren't for the "strategically placed big-screen TVs," she writes that she might never know she was in a sports bar. [Austin Chronicle]

CLARKSVILLENau's Enfield Drug gets blurbage from Mike Sutter: "The time travel starts with a hamburger molded by hand and seared on a flat-top grill, tucked inside a thin white bun hanging on for dear life." (Oh and by the way, did you know our illustrious former Statesman critic is nominated for a Saveur travel blog award?) [Fed Man Walking]

EAST SIDEThis month's Slow Food Austin happy hour is this Thursday, April 18th at the new Salt & Time brick-and-mortar on East Seventh Street. [Eaterwire]

[Photo: Mark G./Yelp]

Cover 3

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