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How Much Food Does P. Terry's Go Through In A Week?

pterrysign.jpgThe atomic P. Terry's beacon signals to burger-craving Austinites from six different locations, which churn through tens of thousands of pounds of fresh patties, potatoes and toppings every single week.

Owner Patrick Terry told Eater Austin back during Burger Week 2011 that he considers Fast Food Nation his burger "bible," prompting him to use fresh, never-frozen ingredients and all-natural Black Angus patties.

So the next time you're jammed into a bumper-to-bumper line of cars outside your local P. Terry's, consider this: each week, P. Terry's goes through ...

· 12,260 pounds of meat.
· 33,300 pounds of potatoes.
· 30,118 slices of cheese.
· 5,040 pounds of lettuce.
· 2,700 pounds of tomatoes.
· 504 gallons of ketchup.
· 196,155 slices of pickles.
· 600 pounds of onions.
· 511 gallons of special sauce.

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[Photo: P. Terry's/Facebook]