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New Hops & Grain Pale Lager; Restaurant Inspection Con

DOWNTOWN — Rob Balon is just charmed as all get-out by Russian House's co-owners, chef Vladimir Gribkov and manager Varda Salkey: "Vladamir [sic] is a rather dour appearing chap but he understands English fairly well and he has a good sense of humor," while Varda's "quick to laugh and has the ability to cope with the amazing amount of troublesome issues that can confront a new restaurant." [Dining Out]

CRIMEWIRE — A man posing as a fire prevention inspector has conned at least two Austin restaurants—Wholly Cow and Ruby's Thai Kitchen—out of hundreds of dollars. Have you seen him? [KVUE]

BEERWIREHops & Grain has added a third permanent beer to their production line: a pale lager named The One They Call Zoe. [Eaterwire]

Russian House. [Photo: Spencer Selvidge/EATX]

Russian House

307 E 5th St Austin, TX 78701