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Here's A Gander At Imbibe Mag's Texas Boozing Issue

[Photos: Eric Sandler/EHOU]

Imbibe magazine ("Liquid Culture") ain't booting around when it comes to their March/April issue, centered entirely on Texas and the great drinks within. Naturally the margarita gets a nod—their Austin bests are at La Condesa, Drink.Well and Takoba, while craft beer warrants a feature and gets some love from pitmaster Aaron Franklin, who tells the magazine he might have been a brewer in another life:

Everybody's pipe dream is to brew beer, but I have friends who are brewers, and it's pretty much like barbecue hours. I've thought about homebrewing—I basically fantasize about it everyday—but I just don't have the time.Click through the slideshow above for a peek at the magazine, which is available through April for $5, ordered online here. · Imbibe [Official]
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