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Beloved Cloak Room Bartender Earns Twitter Parody

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bevsworld.jpg[Photo: @BevsCloakRoom]

Cloak Room bartender Beverly Pruitt doesn't seem like the kind of woman who would spend her time publicly snarking about the Capitol heavies at the historic downtown dive bar, so we're guessing the @BevsCloakRoom Twitter account is a legislative staffer's joke, but that doesn't make it any less funny. Witness: "Ask me to change the channel one more time and I'll show you #MarchMadness #bevsworld."

Never met Bev? The Statesman's Emma Janzen profiled the "no-nonsense, forthright bartender" back in 2011:

The "enforcer," as she has been dubbed by some of her regulars, might appear to be heavy-handed, but underneath her all-business exterior, she's also a specialist in the lost art of hospitality. "Bev" excels at the role of hostess. If you're one of her regulars, you're welcomed with a warm hello, and your usual poison is quietly placed on a napkin in front of you without a word or request exchanged.
Follow the fun on Twitter here.

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Cloak Room

1300 Colorado St Austin, TX 78701