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Should It Be Lights Out For Lustre Pearl? TABC Thinks So.

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The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has recommended that Lustre Pearl's liquor license be revoked, following an investigation into a fatal drunk driving accident last year.

TABC agents say Madeline Rackley was overserved at Bridget Dunlap's flagship Rainey Street bar before she drove her car into Lady Bird Lake, killing a passenger. Rackley has been charged with intoxication manslaughter. Reports KVUE:

Captain Harry Nanos with the TABC wouldn't go into the details of the evidence found during the investigation but he told KVUE the agencies' attorneys would not make a recommendation to cancel a liquor license without solid evidence.

"We are suggesting that there was over-service, that they sold to an obviously intoxicated person," said Nanos to KVUE Friday.

Dunlap told KVUE that she was "shocked" to learn about the TABC's recommendation, while the TABC's Nanos told the news station that the Lustre Pearl investigation could affect the liquor licensing at Dunlap's other neighborhood spots, Clive Bar and Bar 96: "It's hard to say that you're doing okay over here, but you don't do well here." A judge will ultimately decide Dunlap's bars' fates, but no hearing has been set yet.

Video: TABC wants Lustre Pearl's liquor license revoked

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