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Quickie Pickie To Turn Gastropub; Future Of Coupons

EAST SIDE — The Scrumptious Chef blog reports that the Quickie Pickie c-store on East 11th Street will become a 27-tapped gastropub, developed by the Purple Bean Cafe's Troy Twibell. [Scrumptious Chef]

THE FUTURE — The Statesman's Addie Broyles has some thoughts about declining coupon use: "our reluctance to embrace the digitification of the grocery shopping experience is tied to the tangibility of buying — and cooking and eating — very real ingredients." [Austin360]

DOWNTOWN — Mike Sutter blurbs the Texas Chili Parlor's XXX chili: "beef in big, slow-cooked pieces, no beans, in a mahogany swirl of thick chili broth that's all smoky heat and no tomato-sweetened tang." [Fed Man Walking]

Goodbye, Quickie Pickie, hello craft beer. [Photo: Google Maps]

Quickie Pickie (formerly)

1208 E. 11th Street, Austin, TX