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Sway Spills Its Secrets; Yassine Guilty Of Tax Fraud

SOUTH FIRST — The first installment of the Austin Food & Wine Festival's video series features chefs Rene Ortiz and Laura Sawicki making signature Sway dishes Prawn Miange and Jasmine Panna Cotta. [AF&WF]

CRIMEWIRE — Downtown nightclub owner Mike Yassine has pleaded guilty to tax charges, specifically to "engaging in a tax fraud scheme using his Austin nightclubs," including Treasure Island, Qua, Pure and a host of other locations. He was also sentenced to 12.5 years on money laundering charges in January. [KVUE]

SXSWIRE — For SXSW 2012, it was the "Taco Experiment." This year, it's the "Smoke Experiment," an amateur cooking competition to be judged by Aaron and Stacy Franklin, among other notable Austin food personalities. [Austin360]

Sway. [Photo: Patrick Michels/EATX]


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