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John Mueller's Got A New East Side Truck, Same Attitude

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The John Mueller re-re-renaissance is officially happening: look for the new John Mueller Meat Co. truck behind the Kellee's dive on East Sixth Street at Pedernales starting February 20th.

Mueller was ousted from the family barbecue outfit in South Austin back in October, but he didn't stay out of the game for long. Per a press release sent this afternoon:

Eating at John Mueller Meat Co. will be reminiscent of a great cookout at your buddy's house, says Mueller: "We're gonna offer you the biggest backyard BBQ in Austin. Y'all c'mon down and stay a spell." The location is mere minutes from the Downtown area, and was selected for it's nostalgic connection to Mueller. "I first came to Austin and set up on the East Side. It just made sense to go back." Operating hours for John Mueller Meat Co. will be Tuesday thru Saturday, from 10:30 a.m. until sold out. With large capacity pits, they hope to ensure the meat is available for purchase as long as possible.
And they're not shying away from Mueller's reputation for volatility: "Though the location and experience is new, meat fans can still expect to encounter Mueller's trademark crotchety brand of 'customer service.'" While the new spot will also "serve as a butcher shop and artisan grocery," much about the new location's experience will be familiar: look for live music, picnic tables and Mueller himself handing out free beers.

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[Photo: Courtesy of John Mueller Meat Co.]

John Mueller Meat Co.

2500 East Sixth Street, Austin, 78702