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Pop-Ups A Prelude To Two Westlake Chefs' Next Gig

Two chefs are moving in from the wilds of upscale Westlake dining to launch a series of pop-up restaurants, the first this weekend at Firehouse Lounge downtown. Chef Joe Anguiano, formerly of Eleven Plates & Wine and chef Walker Paul, formerly of the now-shuttered Zoot, have relaunched together as Foil And Coals, and they'll be offering a "unique Spanish-inspired dining experience" this Friday and Saturday nights. Per a press release sent today:

"It's about connecting with the food you make. Choosing food with care and creating intense flavors that make each ingredient shine. Our goal is to create small plates that are vibrant light and full of flavor. We want each of our dishes to tell a story," explained Paul.
Anguiano told Eater Austin this afternoon that the dinners are a prelude to opening a proper restaurant, an opportunity to show their backers what they're capable of. Until they secure a permanent location, they'll be hosting dinners at different locations around town: "It's going to be a different theme every time."

This weekend's Firehouse Lounge dinners, Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., will feature 13 plates, ranging from $7 to $13, aimed to "give each guest the chance to experience more than a few plates."

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[Photo: Firehouse Lounge/Facebook]

Firehouse Lounge

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