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Nubian Queen Lola's Lola Stephens-Bell: Feeding The Homeless Is More Important Than A 'Big, Fine Restaurant'

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Lola Stephens-Bell owns the Nubian Queen Lola's Cajun Soul Food Cafe, but what's more remarkable than the work she does in her little east side kitchen is her daily outreach to the community, as documented in this short video by Guillermo Hernandez Martinez and Jonathan Damrich, which follows her to the Mason Manor projects and to the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless. Says Stephens-Bell:

"I have a restaurant that I got to pray and hope somebody just walk through the door. It's hard for people to support this, because it's peculiar. It's not going to operate like another big, fine restaurant. Or the restaurant that people may think that I should be, top of the line. Well, I really am, I just don't have the income that they have. I'm just doing a lot more than they'll ever do."
She says feeding people in need is "something that you just do" back home in Louisiana, and when she didn't see it going on in Austin, she took it upon herself to make it happen.

Video: Nubian Queen Lola

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Nubian Queen Lola's Soul Food

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