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Abel's Gig 'Was Not The Dream Job' Promised, Says Chef

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Meet former Sobani chef Jon Gaboric, who competed for and won the position of executive chef at Abel's on the Lake on last night's episode of Chef Wanted. So, how's that going?

"It didn't quite work out at Abel's. I think it was just a completely different idea of what I thought the job was about, and what Abel's expectations were for me. They want something that's very traditionally Texas, that wasn't really my specialty."
That's from the official Food Network follow-up. Gaboric got a little more candid about his reality television experience this morning on his personal Facebook page, saying that he had "mixed feelings" about last night's show:
Have mixed feelings about the show. A lot of the good stuff was edited and the show created not the most flattering impression of the Chefs. This was not the dream job as the show stated. It was an interesting experience.. thank you for the cheers!
He tells the Food Network cameras that he did ultimately learn a valuable chef life lesson from Anne Burrell: "You have to be a hard-ass."

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Abel's On The Lake

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