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Far North Shinjuku Grabs A Seat At The Noodle Counter

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Shinjuku Sushi and Ramen.
Shinjuku Sushi and Ramen.
Photo: Andrea Grimes/EATX

If Yelpers can be trusted (and that's a big if), a new Asian restaurant at North Lamar and Rutland is poised to give Ramen Tatsu-Ya and Michi Ramen a run for their noodles. Shinjuku Sushi and Ramen opened two weeks ago, serving what looks to be a pan-Asian menu with Japanese and Vietnamese noodle and rice dishes, sushi, udon and ramen. Yelpers are in a nigh-on five-star froth—with just seven reviews in so far. User Mack P. makes Mike Sutter seem laconic:

Their tonkotsu broth was opaque and clouded with alabaster whippings of supremely well balanced marrow and the fat of preciously treated swine. A great thickness and amount of rendered swine to salt, the broth left nothing to be desired and sang a symphony into the air. The noodles were trammeled with a spot of toasted garlic leaving flavor even after they sank to the bottom of the milky pork ocean waiting quietly in my bowl.
Better get in before the soup-curious queue stretches round the block. Already tried Shinjuku? Let us know what you thought at the tipline.

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Shinjuku Sushi and Ramen

9616 N Lamar Blvd North Lamar, TX 78753