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Chicago's Graham Elliot Barman Michael Simon Is IN As Bar Manager At Paul Qui's East Side Flagship, Qui

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Chicago mixologist Michael Simon, formerly of Michelin-starred Graham Elliot and the Carriage House and The Bedford, is officially in as bar manager at Paul Qui's east side flagship restaurant, Qui. Per a press release sent this morning:

"The kinship with Chef Qui's creativity, drive, and overall philosophy resonates powerfully with my own. At this point in my career it wasn't a matter of deciding to come here, but rather asking myself how quickly I can come work for this man," says Simon.
Simon's earned a reputation for being rather cheeky—he told Eater Chicago that he left the Carriage House over "debates on seasonal cornbread toppings"—and Qui general manager June Rodil calls him "creative, crafty, and a little crazy, while remaining truly open-minded to the possibilities."

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Michael Simon. [Photo: Eric Morales]


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