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Avenue B's Best Liverwurst; Austin Beer Guide 'Casts

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HYDE PARK — Mike "Fed Man Walking" Sutter assesses the unfussy sandwich situation at Avenue B Grocery, stopping by for a liverwurst on white bread. [Fed Man Walking]

INSIDE BASEBALL — Addie Broyles at the Austin American-Statesman has some thoughts about listicles and meta food media criticism pieces, opining that they're probably a bad idea ... unless the Statesman does them? [Austin360]

BEERWIRE — The Austin Beer Guide's latest podcast from the Hops & Grain tasting room features local comic Bryan Gutmann and a discussion of "who is the most collaborative-y" of local brewers. [ABG]

Avenue B. Grocery. [Photo: Larry M./Yelp]

Avenue B Grocery

4403 Avenue B Austin, TX 78751