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Josephine House's Easy Sips; Jester King Broadcasts

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SOLA — "I shouldn't have to drastically enhance a pizza to make it taste decent," concludes the South Austin Foodie after a trip to Mercury Pizza that ended in a soggy crust and flavorless slices. [South Austin Foodie]

CLARKSVILLEHere's a look at Josephine House and its "easy-sipping selection of afternoon cocktails" and ever-changing menu items, including a Gulf barrel grouper a la planca and chilled beet soup. [Thrillist]

BEERWIRE — The Jester King crew appeared on the Brewing Network over the weekend, talking about their "process, ingredients, inspiration, plans" and more. [Jester King]

Mercury Pizza. [Photo: Sara P./Yelp]

Jester King Craft Brewery

13005 Fitzhugh Road, Austin, TX 78736 512 537 5100 Visit Website

Mercury Pizza

2107 Kinney Avenue Austin, TX 78704

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