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Lenoir's Duplechan & Maher are Thai Fresh Regulars

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Photo: Katie O./Yelp

Austin is a food-obsessed town, but there are plenty of hidden gems that most Austinites have yet to discover. Eater is enlisting the help of the city's many food professionals to track down some of Austin's most under-the-radar destinations. Welcome to Dining Confidential.

Chef Todd Duplechan of Lenoir is focused on serving up seasonal "hot weather" food. When he and his wife, Lenoir co-owner and pastry chef Jessica Maher, go out to eat in Austin, they frequent other restaurants that feature similar flavors. Duplechan says that he and Maher are influenced by the weather more than most: "Today is kind of cloudy and a little cool, but it's not cold, so we'll crave something specific to that." Always, however, they choose something spicy. Even their three-year old son loves his food hot.

Duplechan says that no matter what they're craving, he and Maher can always agree on Thai Fresh. He admires chef Jam Sanitchat's expertise in Thai cooking, as well as her emphasis on responsible sourcing. Check out his picks on what to order below.

"We make food at Lenoir that's the kind of food we want to eat. Light, raw, acidic, spicy and brothy. This hot weather concept perfectly ties into Thai food. I talk to Jam a lot about Thai cooking technique, because she knows better than anybody.

I normally order this eggplant with fermented soybeans and ground pork, and glass noodles with ground pork and chilis. Noodles always sound good, right? Their goat curry is hot as shit. It's got kefir lime leaves and coconut - it's stellar and will definitely wake you up. The server warned us it was really hot, and he was right."

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Thai Fresh

909 W Mary St Ste B Austin, TX 78704