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Five Things to Know about In-N-Out Burger

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Austin's first In-N-Out Burger opened today in Round Rock, and the atmosphere was one of enthusiasm and managed chaos. By 11:00 there was already a line out the door, and TV crews were swarming. Here's some important facts to keep in mind as the cult-inspiring California chain continues its Austin rollout.
1. The central Austin In-N-Out, located at 46th and Airport, is slated to open early next week. The company cannot give a specific time yet, however.
2. A third In-N-Out Burger is under construction in Cedar Park, and is slated to open sometime in 2014.
3. In-N-Out is serious about its Texas expansion, so these three locations might only be the tip of the Austin iceberg. Eater National reported back in 2011 on the potential for their Dallas distribution center to reach 12 additional states. They already have 18 locations clustered around the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
4. Serious Eats has an extremely detailed and helpful guide to In-N-Out's secret menu. Learn the mysteries of Animal Fries, the Flying Dutchman, and how to get a rootbeer float.
5. The Round Rock location already boasts an epic line, but it also boast an epic amount of staff. Numerous folks are on hand to direct traffic, and the kitchen is bustling. Also, everyone appeared to be having a good time.
Check out more shots of In-N-Out's first day in Austin below.

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In-N-Out Burger

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