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Friends of Eater Sum Up 2013 in One Word

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, bloggers, and readers. Here's last year's run-down for the nostalgic. Today, we ask industry experts to sum up 2013 in one word. Readers, please add your thoughts to the comments.

quickiepickieopen-thumb122713.jpegQuickie Pickie. [Photo: Patrick Michels/EATX]

Q: Sum up 2013 in one word:
Paula Forbes, deputy editor of Eater National and Eater Austin editor emeritus: Delays. Get your permitting act together, City of Austin, and let people open the fantastic restaurants this city craves.

Melanie Haupt, restaurant critic for The Chronicle and author of Historic Austin Restaurants: Pop-ups

Megan Giller, editor of Zagat Austin: Boom!

Dan Gentile, staff writer at Thrillist: Groceries. Trader Joe's, the new Wheatsville, the Mueller HEB, and the rise in prominence of quality corner stores like Quickie Pickie signaled that as crazy as Austinites are about new restaurants, they also care deeply about eating in.

Jane Ko, editor at A Taste of Koko and food photographer: Hungry

Addie Broyles, Statesman columnist and editor of Relish Austin: Fun

Melody Fury, Serious Eats contributor and blogger at Gourmet Fury: Dedication

Patricia Sharpe, executive editor/food writer, Texas Monthly: Texas is on fire! Excellent new restaurants in the three major cities: Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

Tom Thornton, Eater Austin contributor and freelance food writer: Transition

Andrea Grimes, Eater Austin editor emeritus and senior political reporter at RH Reality Check: Ramelocastainashimiswine

Meghan McCarron, editor, Eater Austin: Maturation. Between this year's openings, and many older restaurants continuing to turn out quality, Austin's dining scene is not just expanding, but deepening in terms of offerings and ambition.
· All Year in Eater 2013 [EATX]