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Bikinis, TX to Feature Few Bikinis; East Side King Expansions in the Works; Lammes Candies Ultimate Lifer

BIKINIS, TXCultureMap has some more details on Bikinis, Texas, scheduled to open January 3. Despite the fact that owner Doug Guller has gone out of his way to trademark the word breastaurant, his breastaurant town will not feature the usual scantily clad waitstaff. Guller tells CultureMap that, "The only time you'll see bikini-clad women is in pictures on the wall or around our big events of the year." [CultureMap]

QUI NOTESThe Austin Business Journal notes that East Side King South Lamar represents potentially the first of several stand-alone East Side Kings. Paul Qui tells the ABJ that South Lamar is their "prototype" and that "a few more" locations should open over the coming years. [ABJ]

AIRPORTKVUE profiles Mildred Walston, a ninety-one-year old woman who has worked at Lammes Candies for 73 years. The city of Austin recently honored her as the ultimate lifer: no one has worked a job longer in the city. She calls her position a "sweet job" and plans to keep working until she can't get out of bed. [KVUE]

East Side King

401 Franklin Street, , TX 77201 Visit Website

Bikini's, Texas

7905 Old San Antonio Rd. Fredericksburg, TX 78624