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What Was Your Best Meal of 2013 in Austin?

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Eater readers, that special time of year has arrived: the time of end-of-the-year lists. Austin is a city blessed with a dynamic dining scene, but a great restaurant and a great meal are two different things. Sometimes a meal rises to greatness because of superior execution and ingredients; sometimes because it's truly unique; and sometimes because it was the perfect compliment to a big celebration, a convivial night out, or a quiet, solo moment. Eater wants to know: what was your best meal of 2013 in Austin?

If you must, also feel free to sing the praises of hitting a well-known dining destination elsewhere, whether it be Eleven Madison Park or street food in Hanoi. But this is Eater Austin, not Eater Exciting Fancy Food Travels, so try to keep it on point. Leave your thoughts in the comments, or hit the tipline. The results will be mapped.

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