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Rumor Confirmed: Launderette/Angry Bear Opening at Kleen Wash Location

Photo: Meghan McCarron/EATX

A spokesperson for Launderette and Angry Bear, the much-panicked about pair of restaurants from Rene Ortiz, Laura Sawicki and the owners of Fresa's, confirmed the new location as the previously leaked 2115 Holly Street between Anthony Street and Robert Martinez Street on the east side. Currently occupied by Kleen Wash Laundry, the spot will house the team's new neighborhood cafe and companion grocery.

The award-winning chef duo have been widely talked about since their departure from La Condesa and Sway last summer. The Huffington Post just profiled Sawicki as not only "a pastry chef" but also "a creative artist." Chronicling her many delectable accomplishments, the Huffington Post writes of her "elegant, creative, modernist desserts" that are "perfect for Austin, Texas' quirky, experimental food scene, a creative laboratory where eccentric chefs shine." [EATX]
—Ashley Cheng

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Fresa's Chicken al Carbon

1703 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704 Visit Website

Fresa's Chicken Al Carbon

915 North Lamar Boulevard, , TX 78703 (512) 428-5077 Visit Website

2115 Holly Street. Austin TX 78702