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Tun Tun Tun Fest at Brew & Brew; CultureMap on Qui & Media; Quality Seafood Cooking Classes

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EAST SIDE — Beer and coffee hotspot Wright Bros. Brew & Brew will be hosting Tun Tun Tun Fest tomorrow night, December 18, at 7pm. The event will feature 20 different tappings and they describe it as "a beerfest for beer people." [Eaterwire]

QUI NOTESCultureMap goes meta on why Qui is ending up on so many year's best lists and getting megawatt media coverage. The answer appears to be because Qui is really awesome. [CultureMap]

AIRPORTZagat reports that Quality Seafood will be launching cooking classes in the new year. Classes will focus on seafood-friendly topics like paella and run between $45-$60. [Zagat]

FAR NORTHNoble Sandwiches will be hosting an end of the year pig roast at their north location on December 28th. Per their website, "Plates for the pig roast will be $12.00 each and will include all the fixings for a great lunch." [Eaterwire]

Wright Bros. Brew & Brew

500 San Marcos St Austin, TX 78702