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Historic Dive Bar Poodle Dog Lounge Shutters, Will Reopen Under New Ownership

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Photo: That Other Paper/Flickr

Reddit Austin notes that old school Burnet Road dive bar Poodle Dog Lounge has "temporarily" shuttered. The bar closed its doors on Tuesday, November 5th, just shy of its 50th anniversary. According to their Facebook page, the shutter was unexpected. Their closing note reads: "This information was just given to me today... apologies to the bands that had upcoming dates."

Later updates state that the bar is under "new ownership" and will re-open in as soon as three weeks, potentially with a liquor license. Previously, Poodle Dog only served beer and allowed patrons to BYOB their liquor. No word yet on who the new owners are; watch this space for updates.
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Poodle Dog Lounge

6507 Burnet Rd Austin, TX 78757