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What are Austin's Most Underrated Food Trucks?

Food trucks. From the old school taco trucks to the fusiony marvels to the twee-as-all-get-out, they have come to define Austin. Now that it's not hot as hell, and before it gets "cold" (slightly chilly), this is the prefect time to explore the mobile dining scene. This week's Friday Open Thread wants to know: Which Austin food trucks are hidden treasures?

With over 1,000 trucks around the city, only a slim few get all the hype. Sure, La Barbecue and East Side King are incredible, but there are always new discoveries to be made. Which trucks do you track via Twitter, or pray to the brick-and-mortar gods will open up an outpost in your hood? Which trailers do you both fervently believe should be on Eat Street and hope never will be, lest the secret get out?

Share your favorites in the comments, or hit the tipline. The results will be fodder for a map next week.
[Photo: Trailer Food Tuesdays/Facebook]· All Friday Open Threads [EATX]