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A Vegan Barbecue Truck is Opening in North Loop

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Photo: BBQ Revolution/Facebook

It was bound to happen. Somebody, somewhere, was going to open a vegan barbecue truck in Austin. BBQ Revolution will be debuting at North Loop House and Yard next week, right next to vegan donuts at Red Rabbit Bakery and down the street from vegan tacos at The Vegan Nom. BBQ Revolution's slogan? "All the grillin. None of the killin!"

No menu yet, but their Facebook page mentions a fried green tomato plate and vegan ribs made with "black-eyed pea tempeh." BBQ Revolution's grand opening will be Friday, November 15th, and they will be soft open Tuesday, November 12, for the trailer park's bike-in movie night.
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BBQ Revolution

701 53rd St., Austin, Texas 78751