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'Farm-to-Table Arcadia' at Eden East

Photo: Eden East/Facebook

At The Chronicle, Kate Thornberry gives a rave to Eden East, Sonya Cote's outdoor restaurant on Springdale Farm. On the food: "Last weekend's meal opened with a freshly smoked oyster in the half-shell, balanced atop a large cube of rich, Cajun-style cornbread, sitting in a pool of red-eye gravy, and decorated with a mound of last summer's dried-tomato jam. It was followed by a warm duck confit tamale, made with flavorful, locally grown cornmeal and house-made duck confit. . . . Every course had been made with the kind of perfectionism that naturally occurs when skilled chefs are joyful in their work."

Thornberry notes that she's an "outdoor type" so the restaurant might not be everyone's cup of tea. Their write-up also features a short interview with the chef about the logistics of outdoor dining.
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Eden East

755 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX 78702